Position: Executive Director 

Reports to ASDC Board of Directors

 ASDC is the oldest national parent support organization for families with children who are deaf children. It is a premier source of information for all people who must make decisions about deaf children: providers, educators, legislators, and advocates.

ASDC Vision:  All deaf children and youth shall have the opportunity to thrive in every aspect of their lives through the empowerment of their families and the support of the community.

ASDC Mission:  ASDC is committed to empowering diverse families with deaf* children and youth by embracing full access to language-rich environments through mentoring, advocacy, resources, and collaborative networks.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC)’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of ASDC’s mission.


Leadership & Management

 Provides leadership, which enables the organization to fulfill its mission and meet its goals and objectives.

  • Oversees and implements Outreach efforts, fund-raising, marketing and public relations activities to advance the mission of ASDC and to ensure the organization’s professional presence and visibility on a national level.
  • Implements the strategic goals and objectives of the organization as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Develops, maintains, and supports a strong Board of Directors: serve as ex-officio of each committee, seek and build board involvement with strategic direction for both ongoing local operations as well as for the national rollout.
  • Actively engages and energizes ASDC staff, board members, event committees, volunteers, and partnering organizations, funders, and other contributors.
  • Promotes and advances ASDC programs and ensures that ASDC programs are presented in a positive and forward-looking manner.

Community Relations, Advocacy, Public Relations and Marketing

  • Oversees and coordinates the operation of the grant sponsored programs and ASDC programs.
  • Seeks donations and grant opportunities to sufficiently support expenses to become financial stable.
  • Communicate with stakeholders to keep them informed of the work of the organization and represent the programs and point of view of the organization to agencies, organizations, and the general public.
  • Works and collaborates closely with ASDC’s Board Treasurer and Financial committee to maintain a healthy balance of budget, cash flow and growth. Also works and collaborates with ASDC’s Board Treasurer and Financial committee on annual budget, serves as a liaison to ASDC’s financial advisor(s).
  • Communicates fully with the Board of Directors on all matters of concern to the organization.
  • Works with the Board to develop marketing materials, programs and services that advance the mission and value of the organization.

 Planning & New Business

  • Designs the national expansion and completes the strategic business planning process for the program expansion into new markets.
  • Maintains collaborative relationships with individual families, educational programs, including both mainstreaming and residential programs, member organizations and other related organizations.
  • Oversees the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization’s programs and services such as ASDC Annual Conferences, Weekend ASL Immersion trainings, and other activities of the organization.
  • Ensures the use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Webinars and others as appropriate on regular basis.
  • Ensures the materials of ASDC are updated based on current research findings.
  • Performs other duties as requested by the ASDC Board of Directors.

Candidates for this position is expected to be proficient in communicating including use of American Sign Language, have effective presentation skills, have demonstrative leadership skills, and must be willing to travel.

Candidate will be expected to available to attend committed meetings, and physically attend ASDC Board Meetings.  Candidate’s work place will be determined based on negotiation with the ASDC Executive Committee:  It will be either at home,  an ASDC office, or a combination of both, based on the practical logistics beneficial to both parties.

Compensation based on experience and qualifications.

Interested individuals should send their letter of interest and resume to Avonne Brooker-Rutowski at Avonne.Brooker-Rutowski@tsd.state.tx.us  by November 1, 2017.

ASDC Executive Director Job Description