New York Foundling Deaf Service Program

New York Foundling Deaf Service Program
590 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10011
Telephone:  212-727-6848
VP:  646-350-2733
Fax:  212-886-4085
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The Foundling's Deaf Services program helps low-income, at-risk families to feel less isolated and to understand and access social services that are available to them in their communities. All staff members are fluent in sign language and help families communicate within the family structure and outside in the community.  They work on counseling, budget planning, parenting, home management and self-advocacy, with the goal of ensuring all family members, regardless of their challenges, feel capable of pursuing every opportunity available to them.



About American Society for Deaf Children

We believe deaf or hard-of-hearing children are entitled to full communication access in their home, school, and community. We also believe that language development, respect for the Deaf, and access to deaf and hard-of-hearing role models are important to assure optimal intellectual, social, and emotional development.  Read More

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