This completely revised third edition is a must-have resource that will help parents of deaf children navigate the complex and unique challenges they face. Accessible, practical, and, above all, open-minded, The Silent Garden educates parents quickly and thoroughly about the many conflicting points of view on what is best for their deaf children.

ASDC’s Board Member Dr. Lisalee Egbert has endorsed this book by saying:  “Families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children have an opportunity to celebrate raising a family in a unique manner. The Silent Garden offers parents the first doorway into their journey in raising a Deaf child. Dr. Ogden and Dr. Smith lead parents through critical discussions about communication, socialization, and learning, all issues that families need to be aware of in nurturing their Deaf or Hard of Hearing child. The authors provide parent-friendly and child-centered chapters ranging from daily life to education that work to scaffold the whole family! Families will gain a wealth of knowledge as well as the assurance that they are not alone. The Silent Garden also is a powerful tool for professionals who work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Understanding the issues that families encounter is imperative for deaf educators, administrators, educational interpreters, speech therapists, etc.”

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