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Deaf Studies Today Virtual Conference

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About the Conference

This year’s Deaf Studies Today! conference, “Deaf Lives 360,” brings together the brightest minds and latest thinking within the interdisciplinary field of Deaf Studies. The conference has also become an important cultural space where Deaf people, including parents of Deaf children, gather to create, renew, and maintain relationships. This year’s exciting conference presentations include:
  • Deaf Students’ Experiences Navigating Isolation and Bias at College
  • Facing Transitions: Learning ASL in Online Environment
  • Discipline at Deaf Schools: Patterns of Concern Related to Gender and Ethnicity 
  • Deaf Mental Health: Introduction and Conceptual Foundations
  • Navigating Medical Care as a Deaf Person during COVID: Perspective of a Deaf Doctor
  • Language Deprivation in College Writing Classrooms
  • The Counter-Narrative Cycle: Examining Lived-Realities in Deaf Lives
  • Deafness for Sale: The Commodification of Representation 
  • Historical Deaf Space and Place
  • The Contribution of Black Deaf Performing Arts
  • Entertainment by The Journey of Sunshine Too and 2.0
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All sessions are presented in ASL with English captions. They have been pre-recorded so you can view them at your own pace (now through April 16th).
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A 360-Degree View of Language Deprivation from Its Historical Roots To Modern-Day Research


Wyatte C. Hall, Ph.D. is a Research Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Public Health Sciences, and Neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and a Faculty Fellow in the University of Rochester Office of Equity & Inclusion. As a deaf population health researcher, he focuses on connecting childhood language experiences to adult outcomes with a particular focus on the phenomenon of language deprivation. 
Portrait photo of Dr. Snoddon
Sign Language Policy and Planning
in Early Language Acquisition


Kristin Snoddon, Ph.D. is Associate Professor with the School of Early Childhood Studies, Ryerson University. Her research and professional experience includes collaborative work with deaf communities in developing sign language and early literacy programming for young deaf children and their parents. Additionally, she analyzes policy issues related to inclusive education, sign language rights, and acquisition planning for ASL.

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