Parents of deaf children can more easily learn sign language thanks to powerful tech collaboration

ASDC Executive Director Cheri Dowling is excited to share the news of this important collaboration between RIT/NTID, Georgia Tech, and Google.  “This collaboration highlights the importance of early language development, as well as continued learning and skill-building as parents and children learn to communicate with each other through ASL,” Dowling states. “Additionally, adding the use of technology like this makes it fun, interactive, engaging, and empowering for parents and children alike.  Learning ASL can feel daunting to parents.  Giving them platforms that make it easy and accessible is so important for their families.  I’m excited to see the impact this makes on Deaf/HH children and their language development!”


A powerful collaboration between two universities and a tech giant is working to develop a mobile app that will enable parents of deaf children to more easily learn American Sign Language.

The Center on Access Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, in partnership with Google and Georgia Institute of Technology, is creating PopSign, which provides an extensive, interactive learning experience that parents can use anytime, anyplace. The app displays a video of a person signing to introduce new vocabulary, and then the user’s memory is tested. To advance to the next level, the user drags and shoots a ball to hit bubbles with written words that match the sign.

The game is available on Google Play and Android devices.

Learn more about this powerful collaboration here!