Quality captioning universally is the CCAC mission. They invite you to join the online grass-roots project called the CCAC if you have interest in more captioning.

Many people cannot comprehend speech well in group situations, even with other resources and technologies. Good communications are vital for everyday life. Captioning and subtitles are required in so many places, and the CCAC outlines ten places they call the ten CCAC categories of life, from education, employment and entertainment, to government, healthcare and transportation and more.

The CCAC is all volunteers, and a “working community” online. It’s an advocacy organization with members who are deafened, hard of hearing, deaf, hearing and others. Membership is free for all “consumers.” A nice balance of consumers and providers are now members, all working together online to encourage and create new captioning inclusion projects. Any captioning advocacy project, from a small local one, to a regional or national project, and collaborations internationally too, are invited. The CCAC has no resources other than the energy and the large need they see for millions globally, to have real time captioning for healthy lives.

 CCAC itself does not sell any captioning, CART, or broadcasting services or products. The founder is a person who is deafened, and is also a member of many established organizations. one CCAC goal is to “build bridges” for a focus on much more inclusion of captioning.

 The CCAC has developed an informative public website with useful articles and videos. It also has an active Members’ Forum online that many describe as intelligent and effective. The CCAC has helped members in “CCAC Action Requests,” not only for specific information, but also with “letters of support” when any member is seeking real time speech to text. The CCAC also offers public data collection documents on the website, for all to submit information about local and broader captioning advocacy, so others can be inspired, and they can share information together online.

 There is much more information about the CCAC on their website, including the “Join” membership form. They welcome your interest and support! For more information visit their website at www.ccacaptioning.org