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ASDC is a 501c3 nonprofit supporting families with deaf children since 1967
image shows parents using sign language to communicate with their happy baby

What does ASDC do?

The American Society for Deaf Children provides resources, advocacy, and mentoring for every family with a deaf child so they can communicate, connect, and thrive – together.

Did you know that more than 85% of deaf children are born to hearing parents? Your membership/donation ensures that parents get immediate access to the resources they need to:

  • learn American Sign Language (ASL)
    to provide a language-rich environment for their child
  • connect with members of the Deaf community
    to provide a strong social support network and language models for their child
  • effectively advocate for their child’s educational rights
    to get the best possible outcomes for their child from the very beginning

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What does my donation do?  

ASDC Impact Report 2020-21