Donate to ASDC

ASDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting families with deaf children since 1967

What does ASDC do?

The American Society for Deaf Children provides resources, advocacy, and mentoring for every family with a deaf child so they can communicate, connect, and thrive – together.

Did you know that more than 85% of deaf children are born to hearing parents? Your membership/donation ensures that parents get immediate access to the resources they need to:

  • learn American Sign Language (ASL)
    to provide a language-rich environment for their child
  • connect with members of the Deaf community
    to provide a strong social support network and language models for their child
  • effectively advocate for their child’s educational rights
    to get the best possible outcomes for their child from the very beginning

What does my donation do?  

In 2019, our donors made a significant difference!  Through memberships and generous donor support, we were able to:

We’ve got even more in store for 2020 and your donation will keep the momentum going!