What constitutes a quality language program for deaf and hard of hearing children is a broad topic and for the sake of brevity we will limit the discussion here to 4 key components: Assessment, Qualified Instructors, Language Planning, and Parental Involvement. As parents you have undoubtedly heard that your child is unique. This distinction means that your child’s language needs cannot be easily compared to another child’s needs. Thus, it is critical that you as the parent learn what is best for your child. Your most important concern will be language access. Does the language you have chosen best suit your child? Can you communicate effectively with him and he with you? Additionally you will need to be aware of developmental benchmarks that show improvement in literacy and language learning. It is a tremendous amount to ask of the parent. However your child is worth it. Being an expert on your child will help you ensure that he stays on track.

A Quality Language Arts Programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – Parents in the Drivers Seat