Pepnet 2 has released the new, online, interactive program Map It:  What Comes Next.  This program was designed to meet the needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing as they transition to work, college, or training programs.

Map It is comprised of three modules:  Who Am I?, What Do I Want?, and how Do I Get There?


The training includes more than 100 videos signed in ASL, with spoken English, and captions.  Twelve young-adult role models lead this interactive and unique online raining.  These role models were chosen to represent the diversity among deaf and hard of hearing students across the country.  The role models use different modes of communication and have diverse transition goals that include plans for employment, training programs, or post secondary education options.  They lead the students through a number of interactive reflective activities where they learn about themselves and develop their life goals.  Self-assessments help students determine which post-secondary path is right for them.  The training’s include an extensive glossary that can be used to teach and reinforce key concepts.

Visit the Pepnet 2 website today to explore this exciting new tool.


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