Texas parent, Jim Kennedy, recently published an article about Considerations for Educating Children with Special Needs.

Recently, my wife and I were invited to speak at a Family Retreat Weekend in Austin, Texas that was sponsored by the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD). Specifically, we were asked to speak to parents about our experiences as the parents of a deaf child who has additional needs. We titled our discussion The Importance of Parent Involvement in Your (Deaf) Child’s Education.

While our talk catered to parents of deaf children, the main points apply to any parent: you must be involved in your child’s education in order for him/her to have the greatest chance of success. We started out by talking about all of our children. My oldest child is deaf and has cerebral palsy. In addition, three years ago, we adopted two additional children who developmentally were well behind their peers. Despite their various challenges, we explained that we expect all of our children to do their best and we demand the same from ourselves as parents and their schools to help them achieve their highest potential. Our talk centered around four key recommendations that we used to gain the maximum educational benefit for our children.

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