About the Book

ABC Portraits of Deaf Ancestors was created for middle school students, their families as well as students of Deaf history and culture. It spotlights the lives and achievements of historical Deaf and DeafBlind people from a variety of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. Presented in short, simple language, the biographical entries contain archival information uncovered from a number of Deaf school archives and historical Deaf news publications. Each bio was researched and written by Dr. Karen Christie, and was visually brought to life with painted portraits by internationally recognized Deaf artist Nancy Rourke. Buy the book or read more about the Deaf individuals featured in its pages. 

Book Review

ABC Portraits of Deaf Ancestors is a quick and easy read. It follows the alphabet and gives you a snapshot of history. The books contains both familiar and unfamiliar names. It makes you want to continue to learn. The artwork was beautiful and unique, with my favorite being the Unknown Ancestors. I hope there is a sequel!”

Cheri Cheri Dowling
Director of Outreach and Programs
American Society for Deaf Children