Learn ASL Vocabulary

2-Part Video Webinar

The Basic ASL Vocabulary for Families class is presented by Connections Beyond Sight and Sound, the Maryland/DC DeafBlind Project, and the Family Support and Resource Center at the Maryland School for the Deaf. This class is presented by  ASDC’s ASL Weekend teacher, Edna Johnston and Maryland Teacher of the Deaf, Louise Rollins. Learn, practice, and review basic ASL vocabulary for everyday use at home.

Class 1

ASL Vocabulary in Class 1

COVID-19 Signs: mask, contagious, social distance, 6 feet away, virus, hand sanitizer, wash hands, city, closed, shut down, restaurants, barber shops, open, pneumonia, respiratory illness, coronavirus, restriction, phase one, phase two, doctor

Home Signs: home, clean, dirty, vacuum, dust, wash window, dishwasher, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher,  mow grass, laundry, washer, dryer, fold, living room, family room, dining room, basement, stairs, bedroom, bathroom, shower, bath, running out (of something), food, snack, shopping, money, buy, cooking, talk, neighbors, family, wow, champ, garden, grow, grandma, grandpa, birthday

Work & School Signs: school, online, internet, watch TV, homework, meetings, video, class, chat, assignment, working, remote, language arts, english, writing, reading, science, math, social studies, history, ASL, drama, PE

Activity Signs: trampoline, soccer, dodge ball, volleyball, baseball, exercise, bike ride, go out, fish, climb, rock climbing, puzzle, paint, drive around, visit, graduation, parade, play

Time Signs: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, evening, stay up overnight, wake up, get up

Checking In: Are you okay? Do you have heat? Do you have electric? Do you have money? Do you have grocery money? Do you know how to cook? Do you remember to take your medicine every day?

Plus get grammar tips for using adjectives, time phrases, and age phrases.

Class 2

ASL Vocabulary in Class 2

School Signs: math, language arts, English, writing, reading, science, gym, PE, social studies, history, art, music, markers, colored pencils, pencil, eraser, pencil case, agenda book, backpack, crayons, books, calculator, tape, ruler, ten frame, lined paper, binder, folder, glue, Chromebook, laptop, charger, money, snacks, crackers, bars, chocolate bar, drink, pop, water, chips, gym shoes, uniform, wifi, disconnect, wifi freeze, water bottle, library, media center, TV, computer, projector, smart board, desk, table, chair, window, manipulatives, You’ll see examples of regional variations of some of these signs.

Question Signs: who, what, why, when, where, how, which. Learn about important facial expression that go with each of these signs.

Phrases beginning signers can use: I know some sign. I know some ASL. I know a little bit of sign. I want to learn more. I learned to sign from a book a long time ago. Slow down. It’s going over my head. Again, please. I am learning sign. I don’t understand. I don’t know. Help me.

Issues: Learn how to handle issues related to wearing a mask when communicating with deaf and hard of hearing people.

Plus see examples of directional signs and learn about how to choose an app for learning ASL. 

Take a quiz and see how many signs you can identify!



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