ASDC members are eligible for a free membership with the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP). DCMP videos can be an important part of your child’s/student’s online learning program.

What is DCMP?

DCMP is a federally-funded program that gives parents and educators access to a library of thousands of educational videos that have captions (for deaf and hard of hearing viewers) or audio descriptions (for visually impaired viewers). Additionally, captions and audio descriptions are available in English and Spanish.

What videos are in the DCMP library?

The DCMP video library contains more than 8,000 outstanding educational television shows, documentaries, classes, and movies. Titles include The Magic School BusSigning TimePhysics Girl, and the SuperDeafy movie. Additionally, there are CEU opportunities for educators.

How can I watch DCMP videos?

DCMP videos can be streamed on PCs, smartphones, tablets, RokuApple TV, and the iOS app.

How can I find the right videos for my child or student?

To find the right videos for your child or student, you can search by age, topic, language, and educational standards.

I am an ASDC member. How can I access my DCMP account?

If you opted in for DCMP membership on your ASDC registration, then you already have a DCMP account. Lost your login information? Just go to and reset your password. Your username will be the email address you used when registering your ASDC membership. If you did not opt in to DCMP when you joined ASDC, just visit to explore the website and sign up.

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