By Erica Fleischman Roethel,
Sr. Employment Advisor, National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Greetings from the NTID Center on Employment!

Since May of 2019, NTID has partnered with ASDC to provide quality internship opportunities for seven students. Our students are required to complete one co-op (cooperative educational work experience) after their second year of study in order to graduate. To date, our ASDC interns have come from our Visual Communications Studies (associate’s degree) program and our College of Art and Design (bachelor of fine arts) program.

Our students work remotely for ASDC, given the online nature of the organization.  When COVID-19 hit this past spring, it was seamless for us to continue our partnership as all internships moved online.  

At ASDC, interns work part-time with staff members to create graphics, newsletters, and print resources for the ASDC website and social media pages. Here are some examples of intern-created work:

Each semester, interns are able to hone their design skills and gain valuable work experience. ASDC pays each student a stipend for their work, which is truly meaningful to the students.

Many thanks to ASDC for your continued support of NTID students and graduates! 

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