NCHAM and Cue College* collaborated recently to make FREE online resources available to families of deaf and hard of hearing children who are interested in using cued speech.

What is Cued Speech?
Cued Speech combines a small number of simple hand cues with the natural mouth movements of speech to make the sounds or “phonemes” of spoken language clear through vision alone.

What are the Benefits of Cued Speech?

  • Consistent use of Cued Speech enables a deaf child to attain age-appropriate English language and literacy skills.
  • Cued Speech effectively complements the use of hearing aids and implants, clarifying any and all sounds, in real time, as they are spoken.
  • Cued Speech complements the use of sign language in a family that has the goal of English and ASL bilingualism for their child.

How Can I Access the Program?

The Cue Family Program includes free access for one year to the online Cue College course, “CS100 – Introduction to Cued American English – Self Study”, for parents, guardians, additional family members, and caregivers of a child with hearing loss or other communication challenges.

Visit the Cue Family Program page today to learn more.

You can find additional early literacy resources, including resources for learning ASL, on the NCHAM website:


*Cue College is an outreach program of Alternatives in Education for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals (AEHI), an affiliate of the National Cued Speech Association (NCSA).