We acknowledge with gratitude these generous individuals and organzations who are supporting ASDC’s mission of bringing families together through American Sign Language. Thank you for your donations!

Individual Donors

Aidan Zuzenak
Anonymous: 7 Donors
Anthony Shawnee
Bob Davidson
Caroline Miller
Christine Anderson
Christy Haworth 
David Sullivan
Elizabeth Hibel
Heather W
Hudson Rawlings
Ivy Schlosser
James Messick
Jennifer Steinmeyer
Julie Jilek
Kathryn Laboy
Kathryn Slemmons
Kensha Coleman
Lynn Faerber
Maddi Heaney
Maggie Lynip
Malini Shanmugaraj
Marcia Haslett
Melissa Alfano
Michael B. Ruble
Mike & Sue Childers
Min Ji Huh
Monica Witt
Natalie Grider
Paige Forbis
Patricia Paladines
Pier Phillips
Roger & Sherry Williams
Ross Family

Organizational Donors

Avvys LLC
CPAPG Social Media Team
Elizabeth Morrow School Parents Association
 Good Coin Foundation
Network for Good 
The Goodfellow

Dedicated Donations

Adam Woolverton – In Honor of Sue Woolverton 
Allison Raley – In Honor of Michael O’Brien 
Anonymous- Happy Hanukkah
Anonymous – In Honor of Aline Goncalves 
Anonymous – In Honor of Alonni Reid 
Anonymous – In Memory of Axel Muckleroy 
Anonymous – In Honor of Betsabel Feddeler
Anonymous – In Honor of Eden D. 
Anonymous – in Honor of Eliya 
Anonymous – In Honor of Elizabeth Harris 
Anonymous – in Honor of Joanna Felsenstein
Anonymous – In Honor of Lisa Phillips 
Anonymous – In Memory of Steve Cosentino
Benkert Family – In Memory of Nancy Benkert 
Barbara Kuhn – In Honor of Emma May Marco 
Barbara Motylinski – in Honor of Rita Corey 
Chelsea McGuire – In Honor of Molly McGuire 
Dr. Andre Williams – In Honor of Brittni McIvor 
East Hills Middle School – In Memory of Irene Kettinger 
Eugenia Arensburger – In Honor of Judi Rockhill 
Gerry & Judy Buckley – In Honor of Rachel and all of the parent/leaders of ASDC who make a difference.
Glenda Aikins – In Honor of Hudson A.  
Glynne & Cathryn – In Honor of Robert Glynne Stanley 
Jacqueline Levine – In Honor of Josh, Barry, Zora, Laine and Elliott Mendelsohn
Jeane Burton – In Honor of the Birth of Jesus Christ who healed many people
John Prior – In Honor of Riley Roo Conrad 
John & Tina Cowsert – In Honor of Tom &
Dorothea Cowsert 
John & Tina Cowsert – In Honor of Roger & Barbara Hetland 
Kathleen Cosentino – In Honor of Steve Cosentino 
Kevin McArdle & Lori Chinchar – In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. David and Colleen (McArdle) Boyer

LeClerc Family – In Honor of Joe & Lori Baker

Mandy Monreal – In Honor of Kory Geller 
Matt Adams – In Honor of Bridget McDaniels 
Melba Padilla – In Honor of Heather Kendrick 
Nancy Greenbaum – In Honor of Andrew Zheng 
Robert Rosella – In Memory of Flor Hernandez
Samantha Smith – Finding beauty underneath wood burnings 
Shana Elliott – In Honor of Steve Jacobs 
Steve & Lea Costentino – In Honor of Steve Cosentino
Tharindu Bandara – In Honor of my birthday
Tim & Ann Rice – In Honor of Connor Krohn
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