The following is a press release about a new product from Sorenson Communications.  Sorenson is a long-time sponsor of ASDC online classes and events.

For release: May 12, 2021

Sorenson Communications Launches Most Advanced Videophone – Lumina – to Elevate Connections

SALT LAKE CITY (May 12, 2021) – Today, Sorenson Communications, the leading provider of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services and Video Relay Service (VRS) announced the launch of its new videophone – Lumina. As with all Sorenson technology, Lumina is specifically built for Deaf communication and brings together unmatched clarity, cutting-edge innovation, and exceptional design.

“From the start, Sorenson has been there to support relationships through our Deaf-centric technology,” says Sorenson Communications Chief Executive Officer Scott Wood. “We are excited to continue that legacy with Lumina by providing our customers with the most advanced technology and world-class ASL interpreting.”

As Sorenson’s latest offering, Lumina joins an ecosystem of services and products that support connections between Deaf and hearing people.

Lumina offers an even sleeker design, along with these features:

  • 1080p high-definition video with 30 fps
  • Enhanced lowlight and backlight performance
  • Increased LightRing® brightness
  • Greater Wi-Fi capability
  • Updated interface
  • USB A and USB-C 3.0 connectors
  • Increased Bluetooth® range
  • Ergonomic remote control

Lumina also includes game-changing features from the ntouch® VP2 like Wavello, Group Call, Enhanced SignMail, and more. Sorenson’s ecosystem integrates its services and products to offer a seamless experience with highly trained ASL interpreters. Sorenson’s solutions include in-person interpreting, VRS interpretation, or interpreting over video through virtual meeting platforms.

With Sorenson Relay and the introduction of the Sorenson VP-100® videophone in 2003, Sorenson revolutionized communication between Deaf and hearing callers, giving them the option to converse in real time – anytime, anywhere – each in their natural language, ASL or spoken English or Spanish. Since then, Sorenson has continued to re-imagine communication by introducing a host of features as well as five next-generation videophones, each specifically designed by and for people who are Deaf. For more technical information on the Lumina videophone, please visit

About Sorenson Communications, LLC

Connecting Life. Sorenson Communications ( was founded on the principle that communication and being understood is fundamental to the human experience. Inspired by this belief and the core values of our communities, we develop the most trusted communication offerings, including Sorenson Relay, the highest-quality video interpreting service, and Sorenson Interpreting, which matches qualified sign language interpreters to specific assignment needs. As the largest employer of sign language interpreters, Sorenson endeavors to provide each customer with an exceptional communication experience.

Sorenson offers innovative, Deaf-specific communication products, such as ntouch® videophones and ntouch software applications that connect PC, Mac®, and mobile device users to Sorenson Relay.