We acknowledge with gratitude these generous individuals and organzations who are supporting ASDC’s mission of bringing families together through American Sign Language. Thank you for your donations!

Individual Donors

14 Anonymous Donors
Alex Tuya
Alicia Carter
Amy P
Amy Reiss
Audrey Pounds
Bradley Magala
Brittany Dzugas-Smith
Catherine Ann Johnson
Chris Helberg
Christine Oyakawa
Daniel Roche
Darlene Norman (Resilient Minds Collective)
Donna Morrison
Fowee Family
Geri Rios
Ginger M. Knowles
Ilene Klein
Jacqueline Emmart
Jamie Rose Hays
Jeanne Reis
Jennifer Clark
Joretta Young
Joy A Vargo 
Julia Hecht
Karen Golden
Kim Bianco Majeri
Linda Miller, Speech Language Specialist
Lucy Degener
Lynn Anderson, DHH Teacher
Lynn Faerbeer
Machado Family
Mariana Gaitan
Marissa Bateman
Marlene Llanes
Mary Mitchell 
Michele Westfall
Miles Henderson
Nancy Edwards
Nicole Gaisbauer
Paula Krukar
Penni Echols
Razi Zarchy 
Robin Hough
Suzan Westmoreland
Sylvia Love
Vanessa Robisch
Veronica Radder
Victoria Bennett

Organizational Donors

Blackbaud Giving Fund
Network for Good


Dedicated Donations

Adam & Katie K. –
In honor of Ethan

Alicia Lopez –
In honor of Jacob Ryan

Anita LaBarbera  –
In honor of Celia LaBarbera

Anne Hall –
In honor of Abbey Hall

Anonymous –
In honor of Ashley McAtee

Anonymous –
In honor of Ethan

Anonymous –
In honor of Mike & Wilma Roche

Anonymous –
In memory of Libby Sandy

Cynthia Floyd –
In honor of William K. Floyd

Deb Romano –
In honor of Uncle Steve Elavski

Dee Lee –
In honor of Brandon E W

Emily Grime –
In honor of Isabelle Grime

Fiona –
In honor of James

Gaylee Cox –
In honor of Elijah

Grammy –
In honor of Hannah

Jessetta Joswick –
In honor of my daughter Janelle

Patricia F Hancock –
In honor of Amy Hancock and our Deaf Allies who helped us communicate better

Phyllis Hinman –
In memory of Lynn Kelly

Robert Rosella
In memory of Flor Hernandez 

Maryland Deaf Pickleball Community


Alan Kanekuni 
Reed Gershwind
Sandra Larson
Tony Pert
Steve Florio
Todd Williams