An Evening with Paul W. Ogden

Join us for a free presentation and discussion with Paul W. Ogden (author of The Silent Garden: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child) and receive a free copy of his new book, My Life in Language: A Memoir.

Paul has dedicated his life to educating young deaf and hard of hearing people and raising awareness of what it means to be deaf in a hearing world. He has taught and mentored a generation of teachers, and his classic volume, The Silent Garden: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child, has served as a guide for parents and educators for over thirty years. His memoir, My Life of Language, shares his personal story of challenges faced and lessons learned, revealing that the critical, guiding factors for him have always been language and successful communication. Learn more about Paul below.

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Event happening
Monday, Feb 7, 2022
8 – 9:30 pm ET

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About Paul Ogen

For more than thirty-five years, Paul served as a professor of deaf studies at California State University, Fresno, where he is now a professor emeritus. In 1995, Paul was named Outstanding Professor of the Year at Fresno State and placed second overall for the same award for the California State University system. He uses his knowledge and talent to teach students to be advocates for deaf people, to serve as support systems for parents, and to be resources for children, families, and other key individuals in the lives of deaf and hard of hearing children.

[Excerpt from an intervew with Paul on Amazon]

“Three greatest lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Families who are passionate in reaching out to their deaf and hard of hearing children and communicating with them as early as possible have a much better relationship with them and can be part of their children’s lives when they become adults.
  2. Teachers who takes seriously their role as a deaf child’s advocate can help both child and parents navigate the way through education and eventually into vocation.
  3. Families and teachers who include deaf and hard of hearing role models in the lives of their children and students—at all age levels—increase their opportunities to excel at whatever they choose to do.

We need the teamwork of families, teachers, and role models to create a healthy environment for deaf and hard of hearing children.”

Praise for My Life of Language: A Memior

“Ogden considers communication frequently and deeply, and has a very understandable way of presenting the challenges he faced as a deaf child and adult…one of the best memoirs you’ve never heard of.” —Book Riot

“My Life of Language is a book that needs to be read by every parent and grandparent of every deaf child.” —Marc Marschark, National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology

“In my thirty-seven year career as a university academic advisor and administrator of student services, I have worked with over 3,000 deaf and hard of hearing students from diverse backgrounds. Every one of them will find their own story in My Life of Language. Paul Ogden’s life is a tapestry of rich deaf experiences.” —Robert Sidansky, California State University, Northridge

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