Parents Gone Hiatus: ASLPasta 

Welcome to our first Deaf Owned Business Highlight! ASDC is committed to supporting the Deaf Ecosystem and those companies & organizations that are owned and/or founded by Deaf/HH persons in our community.  As we continue our important work and mission in advocating for accessibility to language for all, we also want to support those in our communities who are sharing the importance of ASL and communication through their businesses, families, and service.

For May, we’re proud to highlight:  Parents Gone Hiatus

About Parents Gone Hiatus:

Families combating “Dining Table Syndrome” while enjoying a bowl of ASL pasta. We eat twice, once with our eyes and then with our mouths. No details were left out in the process of making – texture, chewiness, appearance, and comfort. ASL pasta is visually appetizing by having ASL hand shapes, and natural vegetable powders to create vibrant colored pasta. 100% Durum Wheat with high-protein content to give it that perfect chewy texture that does not get sticky or clumpy. The design and thickness of ASL pasta helps to hold sauce in. Favorite comfort food made inclusive!

Parents Gone Hiatus is a Deaf family owned business focusing on empowering and solidifying Deaf people’s identities whilst making it fun! The dining table is the heartbeat of the family. It is where families gather together, to catch up, and reconnect. Let’s acknowledge Deaf members’ culture, community, language, and identity on a daily basis. “Dining Table Syndrome”, a common scenario where Deaf members are isolated from the dining table conversations. Language deprivation, lack of identity, no true family bond, communication barriers, and unfulfilling experiences at the table. Who has time for that?! Not us!!

You better believe that PGHiatus didn’t stop with a bowl of ASL pasta – There is a SIGNWORD game inside the pasta labels and cool Deaf culture facts & challenges on the back of the labels. Endless possibilities you could do with your ASL pasta like utilizing it for educational purposes, arts & crafts, decorations, sensory activities, etc!

Let’s grab a bowl of ASL pasta and play because inclusion matters in every bite.

Get your pasta here:

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