Photos credits: Changing signs for “phone.”Mohamed Sadek and Ege Soyuer for The New York Times

ASDC is always watching the ever-evolving trends that take place in language and language development – especially when it involves American Sign Language (ASL).  In the July 27, 2022 edition of The New York Times, we found one such article worth noting and sharing.

The New York Times editorial and article highlight how language, especially ASL, is evolving in today’s digital landscape.   In the editorial by David Leonhardt,  Digital media is changing language — sometimes rapidly. We explore the example of American Sign Language, he outlines interesting trends that have been observed by Deaf/HH persons – and how they are rapidly integrating themselves into ASL as it is used today.  His editorial is a preview of the article written by Amanda Morris  How a Visual Language Evolves as Our World Does where she discusses her experiences as a child of Deaf adults (CODA) and how video technology and social media have given deaf people a new way to communicate – and in turn, it is transforming ASL.

It’s a great read! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The NYTimes is a subscription-based service and may require a small fee to view the article in its entirety.  



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