Handling big feelings like frustration can be difficult for children, especially when there are barriers in language and communication. This social story will help you teach and show your child and/or students how to handle frustration in a positive way by using clear, concise language that allows them to break down information (and their feelings) into small, manageable steps.

Signed by Richard Rose.  Richard teaches at ASDC’s ASL Weekends, leads our Advanced ASL Classes, and works at Gallaudet’s ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES). He also teaches online for Gallaudet University, and Troy University in Alabama.


Social Stories and Social Articles in ASL are compiled and adapted by ASDC to support parents, educators, professionals, and advocates as they teach and share information about social communication or interactions, rules, expectations, or routines with children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Social Stories and Social Articles are a safe and supportive way to provide children with information about social changes and expectations.

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