Did you know that January is also International Creativity Month?

International Creativity Month, celebrated every year in January, was founded by Randall Munson, a speaker, an entertainer, and a bestselling author of books such as “Creativity 102,”

This month is celebrated to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and start being innovative in their daily lives. A fresh start in the new year can go a long way in building a successful and happy future. Change is only possible if an attempt is made to do something new.

This week’s video features Mia Sanchez, a deaf afro-latina woman and artist. Through her artwork, Mia represents inclusivity and diversity–a vision of the world inspired by her journey, where she comes from, and celebrating her identity as a deaf artist.

There are amazing Deaf/HH Artists in our communities. The San Francisco Public Library has a great compilation of books about Deaf Artists – encourage your family to learn more about the creative minds among us – and to seek out Deaf Art where you live.

Signed by Mia Sanchez
Produced by SeeHer Multiplicity

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