How many ways can you use the word FLY?

He flies airplanes.” “They flew a route between Chicago and New York.” “We’re going to fly kites in the afternoon.” “They always fly the flag on the Fourth of July.” “There’s a fly on the wall.”

There are so many ways that that word FLY gets used in our every day language.

This week’s video features the fabulous team at Read with ASL in showing us how to use and sign the word FLY in various ways! A fun dual-language acquisition activity for all ages!

Sentences are reading opportunities with different meanings of FLY. Voice-overs are ASL translations. Deaf ASL presenters describe real-life video scenes. Video is a dual-language acquisition experience, not a lesson.
Deaf ASL presenters: Suzy Stewart, Sandro Hatibovic, Nicole Greene
Voice-overs: Robbie Crockett, Patrice Ezell
Editor: Don Parnell
Producer: Chris Wixtrom
The Read with ASL YouTube channel is sponsored by the 100% volunteer NPO ASL Access.

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