Every April 22nd, people of all backgrounds come together to advance sustainability and climate action in commemoration of Earth Day.
Here, we share one of our favorite Earth Day stories in ASL: Earth Day: How We Care for Our Earth to help you teach your children and students why taking care of our earth is so important.


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Language Development Videos:

Language Comprehension and ASL Story Video in Spanish

Language Comprehension
Cuentacuentos ASL en Español

Learn the different meanings of the word SIGN!

In this video, sentences show different meanings of SIGN. Deaf ASL presenters describe real-life scenes. Voice-overs are ASL translations.

Deaf ASL Presenters: Katie, Luul Del, Yan Zheng. Voice-overs: Lynne D. Smith. Editor: Don Parnell. Producer: Chris Wixtrom

Es tu Mama una Llama en Español

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