It’s time for some music appreciation!

Not just any music, but some old-school heavy metal! For those of us who grew up with Metallica or loved old-school heavy metal – here’s a great way to share with your kids and students your love of heavy metal music with complete ASL interpretations of EVERY song on their latest album.

Metallica recently announced that every song on their new album, “72 Seasons,” will get an accompanying video featuring ASL so that deaf and hard-of-hearing fans can also enjoy the music. The band announced the project on April 15, National American Sign Language Day. They said they partnered with the Deaf Professional Arts Network (DPAN), as the first rock artists to create ASL videos for an entire album.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of their videos. You can read the full article here >>


ASL Interpretation by Amber Galloway
Original “72 Seasons” Music Video Directed by Tim Saccenti
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