Because of you, we’re making an impact.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to these generous individuals, families, and organizations for their support. Your generosity helps us continue our efforts to create a language-accessible world for EVERY child. 

Thank you to the following donors for their contributions in May and June 2023:

Individual DONORS


Anonymous (2)

Harrison P Belden

Denny Bump

Gerald Daggett

Justin Benjamin Klein-Edgerton

Rachel Dreskin Fingerman

Matt Hall

Edgar & Lynda Layland

Bradley Magala

Sam Mauro

Gary Norah


Delta Zeta Foundation

East Meadow High School ASL Honor Societies

Governor Livingston High School | Program for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students & the ASL Club

Hampstead Middle School

Progressive Insurance Foundation

St. Matthias Home School Association

Thomas Jefferson High School Art Guild

Wallington High School ASL Club




In Memory of Mr. Beast

In Honor of Mitchell Adler

In Honor of Jesus Christ

Judy & Peter Jonas and Service Coordination, Inc
In Memory of Larry Brick

Judith Moss and Sunu Kodumthara
In Honor of Sunny “Sunil” Joseph

G. Baldwin
In Honor of Joshua

Carolyn Quijano
In Memory of Keoki Ouijano

Ashley Whalen
In Honor of Olive’s 2nd Birthday

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