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There is no one right way.

Every child and family is different. Values, experiences, opinions, and resources vary from family to family. What works in one situation may not work in another. There are a number of ways to be successful raising a deaf or hard of hearing child. No one plan or formula will work for everyone. You must do what you believe is right for your child and family. Start Here! ASDC is comprised of a board of parents of deaf children as well as deaf adults and we have compiled for you the ASDC Information book.  Our gift to you will provide you with our combined expertise in one place.

Get to know other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children

All parents want what is best for their child. Meeting other parents and learning about their experiences can help you find out about options, resources and can serve as a means of support.

Get to know deaf and hard of hearing role models

Spending time with deaf and hard of hearing role models can help you understand what it means to be deaf. Your deaf or hard of hearing child can achieve the same academic, social, and personal fulfillment as hearing children.  Did you know that most deaf and hard of hearing adults grew up in a hearing family?  Their experience, information, and perspective can help you as you navigate your families journey.

Recommended Reading

Increasing Literacy Skills with Your Deaf Infant It is never too early to communicate with your child, especially if they are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Infant and Toddler Program If your infant or toddler has been identified with a hearing loss, they may be eligible for services under the Infant and Toddlers Program of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Picking Educational Programs Often parents want to know what the best program is, or whether a particular program is better than another one.

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NEW! Parent Advocacy App

NEW! Parent Advocacy App

The Parent Advocacy app will guide you through IEP, 504, and other important school meetings. Get answers, find resources, and track your progress with this easy-to-use app that will teach you how to advocate for the outcomes your child deserves.

Why I Love SignOn with ASDC

Ariella, ASDC member and mother of two, sits down to tell you about her experiences with SignOn with ASDC. What is SignOn? SignOn is a virtual immersion program that lets you practice your ASL live with a Deaf adult from the comfort of your own...

Video: May Signs with ASDC

Video: May Signs with ASDC

Learn ASL signs for the month of May - and put them all together in an ASL story! This video is presented by Ricky Rose, who teaches at Galludet University and at ASDC's ASL Weekends. Thank you, Ricky! Ready to learn more ASL? Check out these exciting ASDC...

Video: Learn ASL Signs for April

Video: Learn ASL Signs for April

Our April Signs video is presented by Ursa Rewolinski, an ASL teacher at the Maryland School for the Deaf and ASDC's ASL Weekends. Thank you, Ursa! Ready to learn more ASL? Check out these exciting ASDC programs!