Information for Educators working with Deaf children

Information to support Educators working with Deaf children.  Check this page often for all the latest articles and research related to the education of Deaf children.

Deaf Education: A New Philosophy [PDF]

Research at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is shifting the way deaf students are being educated. Recent research suggests that even with qualified interpreters in the mainstreamed classroom, educators need to understand deaf children learn differently, are more visual, and often process information differently than their hearing peers.

Schools for the Deaf…Dispelling the Myths and Celebrating the Strengths of Schools for the Deaf [PDF]

For a child who is Deaf the decision on where a child will attend school can be a difficult decision to make. Parents have a continuum of options to chose from.

The Beginnings of Deaf Education [PDF]

There are many histories of Deaf education. It depends on who is telling the story. The story we are telling is a basic history from historians, documentation, and family. It, however, is just a glimmer of the history which actually must have occurred. Most historians agree that the true beginning of teaching children who are Deaf began in the sixteenth century in Spain.

Recommended Articles for Educators