Pencils ready! Depending on what kind of summer you have had, it is with a sigh of relief (or a groan) that the school year begins anew. So, in preparation for all those school supplies and sleepy eyes – this one’s for you, parents.

Reading SOS: How do I, as a hearing parent, read aloud to my Deaf child?

Dr. Leala Holcomb, an expert in Deaf education and literacy, says that all children — hearing and deaf — need the experience of being read to by a caring adult.

In this video, Dr. Holcomb offers lots of tips for making the experience fun and full of learning, including these: use your most expressive reading voice, bring your child’s attention to key English words, explain the differences between similar English words, talk about English words that have more than one meaning, point out changes in font size and punctuation and talk about what it means, and switch back and forth between English and ASL.


And don’t worry if you are still learning to sign — your enthusiasm will be contagious!

Learn with ASDC: Online Workshops that Support Parents

Parenting a Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing child is never simple, but rearing a child with a hearing loss today presents a dizzying array of choices, settings, communication methods, philosophies, and regulatory procedures.

There is no one-size-fits-all “deaf education” solution. Resources exist today that allow for educational strategies as unique as each child, and you can start with ASDC. We offer monthly workshops and 4-part series that support you as a parent, advocate, and champion for your child. This fall – we have three very important workshops to help you with your back-to-school preparations:

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) aims to design a cohesive and collaborative education program that meets your child’s needs, regardless of whether your child is in general or special education. It can be a confusing, sometimes complicated, journey.

ASDC’s resource guide is intended to provide suggestions about what you can do to prepare for your important role as an equal member of the IEP team and to be your child’s best and most effective advocate.

Let’s Learn Together: Join Us at Our In Person Events

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