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Welcome to the 2023 ASDC Annual Family Conference

The ASDC Family Conference is a fun, fully immersive, interpreter-supported event designed especially for families with deaf/hard-of-hearing children. This year’s theme is “Language Starts with Me.”
We provide educational presentations along with fun-filled whole-family events! The children’s program will keep your children busy while the adults are learning, then your entire family will participate in language-rich, fun-filled activities for all ages and abilities. Deaf role models join us daily and lend their support in the most amazing ways. 

Registration for 2023 has closed. Join us in 2024!
Stay tuned for our 32nd Annual Conference Announcement.

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 | 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
Thursday, July 13, 2023 |  9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday, July 14, 2023 | 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

See below for conference agenda and presenter details

Conference Registration




Learn more about our fabulous conference location >> Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA

For an additional fee, you can join a special Pre-Conference Workshop* on Wednesday, July 12th, from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. 

Parent Advocacy: Navigating the IEP Maze will teach you what you need to know about your child’s IEP and answer your questions or concerns.  Be sure to bring your child’s most recent IEP with you

*Workshop is open to conference attendees only.

Learn more about ASDC’s Navigating the IEP Process Resources.

Our daughter encouraged us to attend the ASDC Family Conference in Anaheim, CA, to meet other parents with Deaf children and to hear from people in the field about how to parent our Deaf son best and be his most effective advocate. We learned so much and met so many great people! ASDC puts a lot of thought and care into their conference program, and giving us opportunities to participate in activities supported by Deaf Mentors helped us understand what our son needed from us when we’re out and about – his siblings too!

Thank you, ASDC, for a great family conference! We can’t wait till next year!

Peter & Lisa

Parents of a Deaf Child, 2022 Family Conference Attendees

Our 2023 Roy Holcomb Distinguished Lecturers

Dr. Leala Holcomb

Researcher of Deaf Education
Dr. Leala Holcomb is deaf and grew up receiving American Sign Language/English bilingual education at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont.
Leala works as a post-doctoral researcher focusing on language and literacy in deaf children. Leala has conducted qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research that resulted in peer-reviewed publications in various academic journals. Leala is also the co-founder of Hands Land: a non-profit organization that promotes sign language rhyme and rhythm with deaf children.

Damon Timm

Damon Timm is hearing and learned American Sign Language in high school. Damon graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in American Sign Language and Theatre.
Damon formerly was an American Sign Language/English interpreter and now works as a software engineer for Linguabee, a deaf-owned company that provides interpreting services.
Damon and Leala live together in Maryland and are busy co-parenting two children (one deaf and one hearing). They enjoy exploring the dynamics of deaf-hearing interactions within their own relationship, families, and professions.
Playing with Hands: Sign Language Rhyme & Rhythm
Dr. Leala Holcomb  |  Wed, July 12 @ 7:30 pm
Navigating the Dynamics of Deaf-Hearing Interactions
Dr. Leala Holcomb & Damon Timm  |  Thurs, July 13 @ 3:30 pm

Our 2023 Conference Presenters

Debra Trapani

Debra Trapani

Thurs, July 13 | 9:30 am

Session Presentation:
Supporting Literacy Development for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children at Home

Mariella Satow

Mariella Satow

Thurs, July 13 | 11:15 am

Session Presentation:

Cindy Camp

Cindy Camp

Fri, July 14 | 8:45 am

Session Presentation:
Access to Language and Learning for All


Shanae Rouse

Shanae Rouse

Fri, July 14 | 9:30 am

Session Presentation:
Book Sharing the Deaf Way

Stacy Abrams

Stacy Abrams

Fri, July 14 | 11:15 am

Session Presentation: Exploring Available Online Resources, Learning, and Networking for Deaf Education Professionals and Families: Introduction to the Clerc Center Community Portal


Family & Youth Activities

Nothing creates a bond more than having the entire family together for fun and learning!

At ASDC’s annual family conference, we have thought-provoking sessions for parents and fantastic activities for youth; then we bring you back together for a wide range of fun-filled things to do for the whole family! Deaf Mentors, Interpreters, and Instructors support all sessions and activities!

There’s something for everyone: S.T.E.M sessions, Rope Courses, Laser Tag, Bowling, and so much more!  A full itinerary of activities coming soon!

Our 2023 Youth Program is proudly sponsored by Decibel Therapeutics

We had the best time! My favorite activity was making our own robot hands with the STEM people. Going to the amusement park with my family was amazing too! It was great seeing my brother meet other Deaf kids and talk to them using sign language! We had so much fun, and I learned a lot!

Brady - Age 12

Sibling of Deaf Child, 2022 Family Conference Youth Attendee

I met so many awesome people and made some new friends! It was great to be able to meet other Deaf kids like me. I really enjoyed being able to be a part of something that made it easy for me to communicate with others. It definitely gave my parents and brother some tools. I think they understand better now that I’m not different, I just don’t hear like them, and I need to communicate a little differently. And that is really no big deal!

Thanks ASDC! You Rock!

Payton - Age 14

Deaf Child, 2022 Family Conference Youth Attendee

Our 2023 Conference Sponsors



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At ASDC, we bring families together through American Sign Language and we are here to support you.

Being a member of ASDC means that you are a part of an amazing team of parents and professionals dedicated to giving deaf children the resources they need to learn, thrive, and succeed.

Family memberships just $35/year

School, Collegiate, and Organization Memberships Available

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Past ASDC Annual Conferences

For over 55 years, ASDC has provided opportunities for parents and professionals to gather and learn from each other in order to create the best resources for our children.  Our annual family conferences provide a safe place for everyone to learn, share, engage, empower, and encourage each other as we work to ensure that every deaf child can learn sign language from the very start.  

We have a lot of fun too!  Take a look!
ASDC Annual Conferences
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