For over 50 years, ASDC has provided opportunities for parents and professionals to gather and learn from each other in order to create the best resources for our children.  Our annual family conferences provide a safe place for everyone to learn, share, engage, empower, and encourage each other as we work to ensure that every deaf child can learn sign language from the very start.  

ASDC’s Annual Conferences are a time for you and your family to come meet new friends, see old friends, share strategies, create networking opportunities, and to brainstorm ideas for the educational future of deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Through our conferences, ASDC welcomes parents, professionals, and educators to explore areas of family, communication, advocacy, community, and education!

Attendees will gain new and fresh approaches on how to address decisions regarding deaf and hard of hearing children.  Join us!


Roy K. Holcomb Distinguished Lecture Series

The American Society for Deaf Children is proud to honor Mr. Roy K. Holcomb by providing the Roy K. Holcomb Distinguished Lecture Series at the start of each ASDC Family Conference.

Mr. Holcomb, also known as the “Father of Total Communication” was one of the founders of the International Association of Parents of Deaf Children (IAPD), now known as the American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC).    The Holcomb Family generously donate proceeds from the book Deaf Culture, Our Way, Anecdotes from the Deaf Community, and offer generous donations to bring distinguished lecturers to the ASDC Conference each year.

The Roy K. Holcomb Distinguished Lecture Series began in 2011.


Our RKH Distinguished Lecturers:
2024 – TBA
2023 – Williamsburg, VA – Lecturers – Dr. Leala Holcomb & Damon Timm
2022 – Anaheim, CA – Lecturer – Dr. Jaime A.B. Wilson
2019 – Newark, Delaware – Lecturer – Dr. Michella Maiorana-Basas
2018 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Lecturer – Ms. Roberta Cordano
2017 – Hartford, Connecticut – Lecturer – Mr. Tim Albert
2016 – Columbia, Maryland – Lecturer – Dr. Eddy F. Laird
2015 – Indianapolis, Indiana  – Lecturer –  Ms. Betty Abrams
2014 – Framingham, Massachusetts – Lecturer – Ms. Rachel Kolb
2011- Frederick, Maryland – Lecturer – Dr. Thomas K. Holcomb

2024 ASL Weekend Dates Coming Soon!

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