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Looking for ways to learn American Sign Language? ASDC offers families many ways to learn ASL to support their children’s language and communication. In addition to the recommended articles below, ASDC coordinates The ASL Learning Opportunity events across the country and has recently launched the SignOn with ASDC collaboration.

Recommended Articles for Learning ASL

Why I Love SignOn with ASDC

Ariella, ASDC member and mother of two, sits down to tell you about her experiences with SignOn with ASDC. What is SignOn? SignOn is a virtual immersion program that lets you practice your ASL live with a Deaf adult from the comfort of your own...

Video: May Signs with ASDC

Video: May Signs with ASDC

Learn ASL signs for the month of May - and put them all together in an ASL story! This video is presented by Ricky Rose, who teaches at Galludet University and at ASDC's ASL Weekends. Thank you, Ricky! Ready to learn more ASL? Check out these exciting ASDC...