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We Are Here For You

As you and your family begin your journey, know that you are part of a larger community that is here to support you. Here at ASDC, we’ve created comprehensive online directories to help you quickly find the people, organizations, and resources you need to help your child learn, thrive, and succeed.

Directory of Organizations

To help you connect with other families in your area, navigate the educational system, and effectively advocate for your child, we’ve create two directories of organizations whose mission it is to support you. 

Directory of Signed Stories

As your child develops language skills, you’ll discover that signing and reading go hand in hand! We’ve created a directory of favorite children’s stories in ASL that will make it easy for you to make reading and signing part of your child’s routine at home. If you are new to reading and signing, or want tips for making the most of story time with your child, check out this wonderful video

More Resources

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