Written by Mickey Carolan (Author), Stacy Shaneyfelt (Editor), and Adisa Fazlovic (Illustrator)
ASL Storytelling by Richard Rose
Video Production by the American Society for Deaf Children

A deaf boy’s baseball superpower gives him the courage to turn bullies into friends in this heartwarming story of courage.

Young Sky is a boy who was born deaf, but it doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves most: playing baseball. Eager and determined, he works hard on his skills until he notices that, swing after swing, every ball is hit, soaring out of the ballpark like an eagle…Sky has a superpower! Not hearing lets him focus on the ball and easily hit home runs. But when the bullies try to bring him down, baseball gives him the courage to face them and win them over, and “with every home run, a bully becomes a friend.

A fantastic story for all ages.

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